Buying a home is a big deal! There are many things to consider - What can you afford? When do you want to move? Where do you want to live? What kind of requirements do you have in a home? Do you want a new home or a re-sale home? And that is only the beginning.

It is vitally important to hire the right Realtor for you and your family up front. Interestingly, most home owners will interview more than one agent when it comes to selling their home. They want to know the agent's history, how many houses they sell, what kind of clients they work with, what their marketing plan is, what the costs are, etc. However; when it comes to buying a home (which I believe to be an equally important task) the same research and interviewing is definitely not the norm.

I am a believer in educating my clients. All new buyers that I take on meet with me for a consultation, usually over a coffee, for the following reasons:

-to review the home buying process;
-to get to know each other, making sure we communicate well and are comfortable with each other;
-to ensure we are clear about what you are looking for and your real estate goals;
-to review my responsibilities to you and yours to me should we decide to partner together;
-to get some paperwork out of the way; and
-to answer any questions you might have.

All clients must be thoroughly pre-qualified for financing (should they need it) prior to beginning the search process and I am happy to offer access excellent mortgage partners that I would use myself and refer my closest family and friends to (which is a regular occurence).

I also make use of a Buyer Brokerage Agreement - this is a contract between my buyers and myself outlining our responsibilities to each other, and how I will be paid for my services. Essentially, this is the purchasing equivalent of the contract you would sign to list your home. 

A couple other things about buying a home with me:

I maintain partnerships with all the professionals you may need throughout the home buying process and when getting settled into you home. This includes lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, trades, interior designers, etc.

I don't take on more buyers than I feel that I can provide service to at once and maintain the flexibility to be available when you need me. I pride myself on providing a high and consistent level of service to every single client that I will not compromise. I make use of a LOT of checklists to ensure nothing gets missed, and I have them for you!

I stay in regular contact with my buyers. One of the biggest complaints I hear about the real estate industry is that clients don't hear from their Realtors. When we decide to work together, I am making a committment to you to not dissapear. In fact, I often tell my clients that there is "no getting rid of me until you are in your new home, settled, and happy".

I am not a pushy, sales-y Realtor. I am a partner and consultant whose primary focus is helping you find the right home for you. I will not push you to make decisions that you are not ready for, and I will always be honest with you - if I think you shouldn't buy a particular house, I will let you know.

I am happy to work with you on MLS listed re-sale homes, new-build homes, and for sale by owner homes.

If you would like to meet with me and discuss your plans to buy a home and how I can help, I would love to hear from you and set up a consultation.